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Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's classic movie about Hollywood, "Sunset Blvd Boulevard" film
Gloria Swanson in "Sunset Boulevard"

Dear Reader:

I’m proudly approaching a significant milestone, as next Tuesday will feature the 100th movie in this blog. In this momentous occasion, I’d like to share with you how much I appreciate your support in staying with me faithfully every other week, reading about movies.

By this point, dedicated readers and watchers of the films have been introduced and exposed to the work of nearly seventy directors, countless movies stars and character actors, just about every major film genre, silent films, Hollywood films, international films, the Hollywood studio system, German expressionism, Italian neorealism, the French New Wave, the immeasurable impact on American movies by the Motion Picture Production Code and the McCarthy Era, and more. You should pat yourselves on the back, for you are now very well versed in cinema! Here’s to (hopefully) the next 100 films, for there are still many great stars, vital directors, movements in film, all-time classics, and little known gems yet to come.

I hope my purpose of enlightening you about classic films and the history of cinema brings you as much joy as it brings me in sharing it. Please keep reading and watching, and please share this blog with anyone you think would like it. Also know that hearing you have discovered films and stars through this blog via your comments truly motivates me to keep me writing. :)

Here’s to classic movies!

My sincerest thanks,


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