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About Me


My background and degree is in the arts, heavily in the performing arts and film. I am an award winning actor, singer, songwriter, playwright, and filmmaker – and film lover. I've directed several short films, and wrote, produced and acted in a hugely successful one-man-show, “Mental Creatures”, which ran for 6 weeks in Hollywood, California. I’ve studied film theory, film history, film directing, and film production. You can find out more about my music and acting career by CLICKING HERE 


Beginning with my grandparents, my family loved movies and I inherited their passion. When I was about 10, my grandfather asked me if I ever saw a movie with Marilyn Monroe because "There's No Business Like ShowBusiness" was on TV. That’s when I got my first real glimpse of Hollywood's ultimate sex symbol. I remember being even younger when my father asked my sister and I to watch "Gunga Din" with him, and we did. My past is filled with memories of that sort. I learn something new just about every time I watch a movie.


Being an actor, I must admit I’m very critical of acting performances, as I can spot when someone is “acting” as opposed to becoming a character. Like everyone, I have my favorite films, actors, actresses, directors, etc., as well as those I don’t particularly like. I may occasionally mention that in my posts, but please don’t let my opinions sway yours, we all have different tastes. And, luckily, there are classic films, movie stars, and directors for everyone! 


I created this site after getting many requests for recommendations on classic films through the years. I hope it opens people’s hearts and minds to classic cinema, and helps viewers realize many classic films are works of art, as relevant today as they were when they were first produced.

I am a proud member of CMBA, the Classic Movie Blog Association.

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