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This blog will act as a guide and introduction to learning about and enjoying classic cinema. It will be written with those in mind who have little or no knowledge of classic films, and should also prove to be informative and fun for those well versed in films who wish to revisit them. The blog will present one film a week for you to watch, with information about the film before you watch it, and sometimes a section to read after you've seen it (which will contain spoilers). This list will be ongoing, and I will do my best to keep adding a film a week (currently every Tuesday) indefinitely. SUBSCRIBE BELOW to get the latest film suggestions on a continued basis. To see and read about the films in order, just start at the bottom, or click on THE MOVIES link (start with film #1 - "All About Eve"), and work your way up.


Should you happened to have seen any of these films before, I highly recommend watching them again (unless you JUST watched them), for as we grow our perspective changes and you will definitely see things you didn’t see before, and should come away with a new appreciation and understanding of the film. A classic can be seen countless times. I’ve often revisited a film that I didn’t particularly like, only to find that I suddenly love it (and vise versa). 

The main focus will be movies from the beginning of film though the 1970s, with an emphasis on “classic” films, which were mostly made during the time of the great Hollywood Studio Era (which ended in the 1960s). There will also be films from the second wave of classic cinema, the late 1960s through the 1970s, and possibly a few important films from the 1980s and beyond. While the main focus is on Hollywood films, also included will be cinematic masterpieces from around the world. 


The films are not listed “best” to “worst”, but are put in an order to give you a comprehensive, enlightening, and diverse exposure to classic films. Most will be in black and white, and many will be in color. You will like some films, not like others, and hopefully many of them you will love. There will be something different each week as we will be viewing films from all genres: drama, comedy, suspense, gangster, western, screwball comedy melodrama, musicals, silent films, world cinema, film noir, horror, science fiction, war films, epics, and more. You will be introduced to just about all the major stars of the time, the great performances, directors, cinematographers, and writers. It’s pretty much impossible to see every classic film, but I will choose classics that will expose you to at least one important aspect of classic cinema.

I’ve been approached many times in my life by people wanting to learn more about classic films, famous actors from the past, and even some directors. I’ve guided people many times and have yet to find someone who started watching “old” movies who didn’t find it an exciting and surprising world. Many people who know me, know my heavy film background and come to me for suggestions (you can read more about my background HERE). So after making list after list for people year after year, and hosting many movie nights, I've decided to write this blog as an informative guide to open people’s minds and hearts to great films. It is meant for anyone who wants to broaden their experience and knowledge of film.


To get the best, most complete experience, I suggest watching the films in the order I have presented them. They will be labeled in numerical order, and were put in that order as a sort of film curriculum. The notes accompanying the films will build on each other and flow chronologically. Ideally I suggest you pick your own “movie night’ of the week and watch each succeeding film week by week. You can also watch more or less each week as your schedule dictates. In college I constantly went to a repertory movie theater and saw between 3 and 8 films a week - it was heaven!


Not sure if all of these titles are available to view, but I’m choosing films for which I have a BluRay or DVD - so they existed at some point to the public. Nowadays some of them might be streaming, might be found on the Turner Classic Movie site (TCM), The Criterion Channel, Amazon, Netflix, or you might even find a cheap copy on Ebay. If I can find a streaming link I'll include it. And, by all means, if you happen to see one of these films appearing in a theater - GO! Even if it’s one you’ve already seen - GO! There is a HUGE difference in seeing a film on the big screen in a theater with strangers, as opposed to on an iPad, phone, or TV (no matter how large). Older films were intended to be watched in a theater, as it forces you to focus on what the director wants you to see instead of seeing the entire screen all at once as on a TV or device. It is a completely different experience as everything about a film is deepened - the acting, cinematography, directing, lighting, the details - everything! That said, obviously, if you can't see them in a theater, see them anyway you can.

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On each blog entry you will find links to stream, rent, or buy each film. I have monetization with Amazon and Ebay. When you make a purchase via the links on my site, I will receive a very small percentage of the sale at no cost to you. Any money made will be highly appreciated and will go towards the fees for maintaining this blog. Thanks so much!

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